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Use Free Domains to Test the Market

This scenario is very common if you are fond of surfing the net. If you will notice, there are a lot of websites that are promoting freebies and gifts. For instance, a free domain which is supposed to give you opportunities to have your own identity online is being offered by a certain website. Because having a free domain name means a lot, you will be attracted to advertisements which will then give you several instructions that you have to follow only to find out that you need to answer lots of questions, fill out offers, refer the site to your friend and provide personal information about yourself.

After being redirected to several pages, you find yourself looking at a page which is supposed to be the last one so you can complete the registration. But the whole page is grayed out and a smaller window pops out asking for your credit card information and other sensitive details. In short, you still have to purchase something to acquire free domain names. This is normally the part where you get frustrated and decided to close the window.

This is a normal situation for people. This only proves that most internet offers are all too good to be true. These are all part of online marketing. It is better to purchase something that you really want. When it comes to domain, it is true that they can be a bit out of your budget but the amount that you will spend is nothing as compared to the benefits that you can get.

It is actually possible to have free domains if you know where to look online. But usually getting them can be sometimes difficult and tricky, sometimes frustrating. There are some who have experienced trying to redeem free domain names. Those sites that are not real would let people a lot of information, answer some questions and fill out a lot of offers. These are okay until you come to a part when you need to purchase something to get to the free domain registration part. The worst catch for these offers has something to do with hosting. If by any chance you have successfully acquired domains for free, you actually have to pay for the domain hosting so that you can go live.

A website is nothing if nobody can access it but you. Even if you have design your website so well through various software and programs, without hosting, it can never go live. It is more often that the owner of the freebies that you are getting is also the same owner that you need for the hosting. Furthermore, you may be surprised to see several ads on your website, ones that you can’t control. This only means that nothing is actually free and companies are just using some techniques to attract customers but they are not meant to give away something for free because they are primarily created to gain profits. The best way is still spending to get the best product while avoiding tricks and hassles. 

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